Inhalation cold or sinusitis nebuliser asthma

Inhalation with the GPsaltair nebuliser with salt if you have a cold or sinusitis. Inhalation if you have asthma.

In a report on the effect of salt and natural brine in "Die Welt", the following is stated: "A natural brine therapy can achieve very good results for many skin diseases", confirms Bernd Salzer from the Professional Association of German Dermatologists in Berlin. For example, acne can be alleviated with salt-soaked compresses: "They have antibacterial properties and can drain the sanies"/

And even for chronic conditions such as neurodermitis and psoriasis, natural brine applications worked effectively. "Baths are displayed here with highly concentrated natural brine, which are best connected with a UV-irradiation", explains professor Jürgen Kleinschmidt, vice president of the Association for Bathing and Climatology in Bonn. Source: Die Welt Axel Springer

Inhalation if you have asthma

Natural brine treatments are widely used both in Austria as well as in Germany. Many spas have become specialised in this form of therapy, partly because there is a great demand for it and partly because there are good results with this form of therapy.

Regular inhalation with salt can improve the skin complexion, can increase the overall well-being and help to clean the respiratory tracts.

Inhalation can help with colds or with sinusitis. Inhalation with salt is recommended by academically trained physicians and used for asthma, high blood pressure, allergies, skin diseases etc.

Actually, a means of inhalation with salt should exist in every household. Our inhalation nebuliser can be installed in any infrared cabin or sauna, but is also suitable for inhalation in the room. The GPsaltair natural brine nebuliser is not a medical product.
The use of inhalation at home is easy to accomplish with the nebuliser. The on-going operation is cost effective and it saves you the trip to the doctor to inhale there, because it is precisely diseases such as the common cold or sinus infection that usually occur during the cold season and this makes going out often difficult if you are already feeling sick.

Salt is a natural occurring resource that is unlimited in its availability to us. Treatments with salt or natural brine have no side effects and are time-tested and proven. The inhalation of salt has always been used and, with the ultrasonic natural brine nebuliser, has been brought up to the latest state of technology.

For inhalation by means of a nebuliser, the natural brine is nebulised in order for it to be optimally absorbed in the respiratory tract.

The inhalation of salt water is therefore effective, because the salt, i.e. the natural brine, cleans the respiratory tract, moisturises mucous membranes and thus soothes and regenerates the respiratory tract. This fact shows that anyone who is plagued by a cold once a year can use inhalation for colds.
And if you are lucky to not be dependent on inhalation to combat asthma or to combat sinusitis, colds or allergies, then you can simply use inhalation with a nebuliser as a preventive measure for your well-being. Salt is an all-rounder that can be used for almost every slight pain in a variety of forms, such as a drinking regimen, baths, rinsing or just inhalation for colds. Salt is vital for our body. It is responsible for communication between the nerve cells and protects cells from hyperacidity. Salt was discredited for some time. It was thought that too much salt was harmful and the less salt intake the better. Today, an opposite trend of science can be seen, because too little salt can be harmful for the body.

Natural antidepressant: A low-salt diet can wear you down, report Alan Kim Johnson and his colleagues at the University of Iowa. They analysed the behaviour and brain chemistry of rats that received too little salt. Their result: Like chocolate and cocaine, salt affects the brain's reward system. The rats could no longer enjoy anything.

Too little salt can be more harmful for the heart and circulation than too much. Belgian doctors came to this surprising result after a long-term study of more than 3,500 participants.

On the basis of the amounts of salt excreted via the urine, the researchers had assessed the salt intake of the subjects and found: A below-average salt excretion was associated with an increased risk of death from heart disease. With an above-average salt excretion, however, this was not the case.

The common recommendation is to keep the intake of salt rather low, because this lowers blood pressure, which could therefore counteract problems with heart and blood vessels. But as to whether this actually prevents deaths due to cardiovascular diseases cannot be confirmed by the study, which the doctors present in the trade journal "JAMA".

The results do not disprove that it has antihypertensive effects for high blood pressure patients who reduce the amount of salt in their diet, write the first author Katarzyna Stolarz-Skrzypek from the University of Leuven and her colleagues. But doctors observed that the number of deaths due to cardiovascular diseases decreased with increasing salinity in the urine. "Source: "Die Welt" Axel Springer.

Natural brine is understood to be salty water of a natural origin, which has a high content of mineral salts such as iodine, sulphur or radon", says Karin Lehmann of the Baths Association of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Natural brine is a recognised drug, that is used both externally - for example in the form of baths or compresses - as well as internally as a drinking regimen, rinsing or inhalation. The medical spectrum in which it can achieve positive effects is large.

Even with musculoskeletal diseases such as rheumatism, arthritis or degenerative changes of the spine, natural brine can have positive effects", says Lehmann as another focus of the use of natural brine. In this case, treatment is mainly by bathing in warm salt water with at least four per cent natural brine. Natural brine packs are also sometimes used. The dissolved salts react with the skin and cause a dilation of the vessels. This relaxes the muscles and the joints are relieved, pain subsides and the mobility of the patient improves. Source: APA Kleine Zeitung

Even the imperial family travelled to Bad Ischl for natural brine cures. The healing power of Ischl natural brine is said to have helped the Bavarian king's daughter Sophie to have a long-desired child. The princess travelled to Bad Ischl for a cure and thereafter bore the long-awaited crown prince and his 2 brothers, which is why they are also called the salt princes.

The effect of salt and natural brine in a variety of applications is a concept to all of us. With our GPsaltair natural brine nebuliser, we offer a simple way of bringing the sea breeze home and benefitting from it.

The natural brine nebuliser can be installed in all infrared cabins, saunas or enclosed shower stalls and the natural brine nebuliser is also suitable for retrofitting due to its ease of use. Of course, room inhalation is also possible.

The natural brine nebuliser is filled with distilled water and the supplied salt is added to the container according to the description in order to produce the natural brine solution. You can also use ready-made natural brine solutions from the pharmacy. You can also use the natural brine nebuliser without operating the infrared cabin or sauna etc. The natural brine nebuliser can be switched on and off separately by means of remote control.