A natural brine inhalation in infrared cabins

Brine inhalation

Brine inhalation

Technical data:GPsaltair-K60
Dimensions:Height 160 mm Ø 113 mm
Voltage:230V / 25,8V
Water capacity:820 ml
Droplet size1 -10 µm
Application:In infrared cabins up to 1.4 m². Room inhalation

Scope of delivery:

Container: Synthetic material white, Control uni, Power cord 230V, Remote control + battery, Non-iodised salt, Drilling template, Operating instructions

GPsaltair-K60: A natural brine inhalation in infrared cabins! How do you do that?

The GPsaltair-K60 was created from the idea of being able to offer an alternative to our stainless steel version. This synthetic material natural brine inhalation, which of course is primarily intended for small to medium-sized infrared cabins because the nebulisation output is the same as with the stainless steel version GPsaltair-K60, of course also has advantages over the stainless steel version.

Tastes can be debated, but of course a white container, which is not susceptible to fingerprints, is also advantageous with cleaning. The big advantage, however, should actually be elsewhere and that is why this K60-series was also launched.

It is quite simply about offering a cost-effective, but also effective natural brine nebulisation to people who would like to have top quality here, but who can purchase this at a very reasonable price.
From the standpoint of performance, the K60-series is weaker as the V90-series.

The scope of supply, such as the remote control with battery, as well as the 500 g of non-iodised salt and the drilling template are also included.

Speaking of the drilling template.
If you are already a customer of ours and own an infrared cabin or want to retrofit the natural brine inhalation, you already know that we place a great deal of importance on customer service. For people who have not bought a cabin from us and want to retrofit the K60-series or one from Domo as it is called by others, for example in your cabin, I can only say that it is a breeze to do this.

However, we should note that if you should not want to do it yourself, we can of course take care of the assembly for you and will be happy to install it in your cabin.

Returning to the self-assembly, we include a drilling template in the delivery, as describe above. With this drilling template, it is easy to install the K60-series / or the version from Domo, for example in an infrared cabin.

You only need to hold the paper template where you would like to install the nebulisation. We recommend that you install the nebulisation in the front left or right. For corner cabins, we recommend installation in the back corner. Simply hold the template on the inside of the roof of the infrared cabin and puncture the drawn drilling points with a drill bit and you will see where you need to drill holes in the wood.

Once this is done, you can fasten the inner part of the K60-series very easily with the plastic screws and wing nuts. Before doing so, pull the cable through the hole and you are actually done with the installation, because filling water and salt in the tank is not considered part of the installation of the K60-series.

Do you still have questions? Give us a call or send us an e-mail.