Brine inhalation Asthma brine inhalation device

What is natural brine? Natural brine is a salt-water solution.

However often salt rashly has a bad reputation, salt is vital for our body and performs many important tasks. Salt is important for our nervous system. We need salt for communication between nerve cells as well as for the protection of cells from hyperacidity. A salt deficiency can lead to hyperacidity. The Greek physician and scientist Hippocrates already described the use of seawater for healing more than 2,000 years ago.

Medicines with a salt basis were considered a pure miracle cure in antiquity and in the Middle Ages. The human body is two-thirds water. A part of it circulates in the form of bodily fluids, such as saliva, digestive juices and blood in our body, while another part is in the intercellular spaces and the majority is in the cells themselves.
Salt has a scientifically unique property. It can be absorbed directly by the body and does not need to be metabolised. Salt always remains salt.

What is brine?

For centuries, salt was one of the most coveted spices. In certain parts of Africa, salt was traded 1:1 with gold. In Roman times, legionnaires were given a ration of salt in addition to their pay.

The wealth of so many families was founded on the salt trade in earlier times. A look at the geography books shows us that there are numerous town and river names in Germany and Austria, which are associated with salt, such as: Hallstadt (Hall is a Celtic designation for places associated with natural brine or salt mining), Salzburg, Salzkammergut, Halle, etc.

But then as now, people already knew that salt is much more than a spice. Precisely because salt can be so well absorbed by our bodies, it was and is often also used for the health and beauty of people. For colds, mucus breakup can be supported by natural brine inhalation and thus the urge to cough can be prevented or alleviated.

Brine inhalation with and for infrared cabins at home for asthma. Natural brine inhalation with a natural brine inhalation device.

Our customers report that through natural brine inhalation with the ultrasonic natural brine nebuliser, mucus is cleared more easily and they notice a quicker recovery than before using our natural brine nebuliser with ultrasound.
If you have the natural brine inhalation at home, you can use the device as often as you want. Especially for colds, it is useful to use the natural brine nebuliser several times a day to be able to "open" up your stuffed nose again or to relieve the tickle in your throat. You can make the natural brine by yourself at home by adding 5 grammes of salt to a half litre of water, i.e. you stir a teaspoon of salt into a half litre of water, which corresponds to approximately a 1% natural brine solution.

It is also important to mention here to please use only non-iodised salt. When buying an ultrasonic nebuliser, we always add a packet of non-iodised salt. Once this is used up, you can buy more at a pharmacy. So, for example after a stay at a health resort by the sea, you can prolong the effect of the cure by operating the GPsaltair natural brine nebuliser with ultrasound.

Our customers tell us again and again that, by using the ultrasonic natural brine nebuliser, they were able to significantly prolong the recovery state that they were able to achieve through a stay at a health resort.

The natural brine nebuliser is on its way to dethroning the conventional natural brine inhalation device with a mask. The easy handling in operation and maintenance makes our natural brine inhalation device very popular and our customers often recommend it. Natural brine inhalation at home allows affected parties to use the natural brine inhalation and dose at their own discretion, for example if they have asthma.

When making natural brine at home, you should always use distilled water, even if you are ill, because it allows you to avoid any germs that might be in the tap water. These germs can be harmful for sick people and then the use of the natural brine nebuliser could be counterproductive. Especially for people with allergies, natural brine inhalation at home is a great relief.

Many of our customers report that they can entirely or at least partially do without additional medications thanks to the ultrasonic natural brine nebuliser. People allergic to pollen suffer a great deal in the high season of blooming due to the high concentration of pollen in the air. Natural brine inhalation at home is a great relief here, because it allows for self-administration according to your personal discretion.
How often allergy suffers use the natural brine inhalation device depends on the extent of their symptoms and of course how much time they have available.

However, there is nothing against allowing yourself an inhalation several times a day. Natural brine inhalation helps hay fever sufferers through the worst time of the year, but of course natural brine inhalation at home can also be used for any other allergies, such as dust or pets, that are not seasonally occurring, but rather are present throughout the year for those affected.

Salt contains a natural antihistamine and thus can therefore calm itching and provide relief completely naturally without chemical drugs. Our customers and even affected members of our relatives, and they are usually the worst critics, confirm to us an improvement in their symptoms.

A simple head cold can often be very annoying and many people do not always want to turn to chemistry and suppress every little cold with medication. Natural brine inhalation can naturally help your health and the recovery process.

Natural brine inhalation for bronchitis or also natural brine inhalation for asthma can offer valuable symptom relief for those affected. The field of application of salt in liquid form, i.e. in the form of natural brine, is so extensive that it is almost no longer clear.
And in today's academic medicine, natural brine inhalation is used for many diseases: Colds, bronchitis, asthma, high blood pressure or heart disease and diabetes. Salt is a naturally occurring product, which should be used more than just in the kitchen. Regular inhalation with the ultrasonic natural brine nebuliser can help very extensively.

If you are in the fortunate position of being perfectly healthy, then you can at least enjoy the relaxing effect of natural brine to the fullest. We just have to remind ourselves of everything this raw product of nature can do and then use it regularly.
The natural brine nebuliser with ultrasound can be used in any room. There is a natural brine nebuliser for infrared cabins as well as for the sauna. We offer the natural brine nebuliser for infrared cabins as a complete package. The natural brine nebuliser with ultrasound can be installed in any infrared cabin or any sauna.

Another variation is the ultrasound natural brine nebuliser for steam showers or for room inhalation. You therefore do not necessarily need to purchase an infrared cabin or sauna to be able to use the ultrasonic nebuliser. No matter how big your apartment or your house may be, there is certainly room for a GPsaltair natural brine nebuliser.