Brine steam bath with a GPsaltair-V120

Brine steam bath

brine steam bath

Technical data:GPsaltair-V120
Dimensions:Height 151 mm Ø 119 mm
Voltage:230V / 42,6 V
Water capacity:1000 ml
Droplet size1 -10 µm
Application:Large infrared cabins, small bio saunas, saunas up to 3.0m², brine steam bath

Scope of delivery:

Container: Polished stainless steel V4A, Control uni, Power cord 230V, Remote control + battery, Non-iodised salt, Drilling template, Operating instructions

A small natural brine steam bath can be done very well with the GPsaltair-V120.

The GPsaltair-V120 was initially intended for small saunas up to 3.0 m². However, since infrared cabins have recently gotten bigger, this nebuliser is well suited for these and I can also use it for my natural brine steam bath. Likewise, this V120-series was and is very well designed for a bio sauna.

Here we should first explain what a bio sauna is. It has nothing to do with the well-known word bio, but rather it was originally called a Bi-O-Mat sauna, because the heaters not only had sauna rods in them, but also had a steamer heaters, called a Bi-O-Mat heater.

Over time, the word bio sauna was established and now everyone who has a bio sauna knows that a bio sauna heater means a heater that can reach up to a maximum of 55°C and generate up to 75% humidity and that with this type sauna you sweat to benefit your circulation.

Back to nebulisation. This is exactly the temperature in a bio sauna that people dispute with the natural brine regimen with the GPsaltair-V120. Now there are always people who say, 'but I would also like to use the nebuliser when I use a temperature higher than this stated 55°C in a bio sauna.

It must be stated here that nebulising over 80°C makes no sense any more, because everything above this temperature is no longer nebulising, but rather the so-called vaporisation of water begins. Since water is the carrier of the salt and the natural brine mist can no longer build up, breathing in natural brine is no longer applicable.

This means that if you want to use your sauna at a temperature above 80°C, then you should simply not use the GPsaltair-V120. The container should be empty and you can enjoy your hot sauna.

The nebuliser is controlled separately by remote control, i.e. even if you have installed the nebuliser in your sauna, you do not have to make the entire sauna a continuous natural brine nebulisation, but rather you can decide whether it should run during the sauna session or not as you desire.

If you would want to inhale natural brine, you should also protect the respiratory tract and remain far below the aforementioned 80°C.

In a steam bath, for example, the temperatures behave the same as in a bio sauna, where strictly speaking a steam bath should not reach 55°C. If you want to have more nebulisation output in the steam bath, the V230-series or even the V310-series would be recommendable, because of course the more mist and humidity the better in this wet cabin.

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