brine nebuliser

We welcome you to our website and present to you the ORIGINAL patent-protected GPsaltair with an ultrasonic nebuliser in different versions. The brine nebulisation is sold directly by US and through various dealer networks. You can also call this nebuliser a brine nebuliser.

Brine nebulisation Brine nebuliser Ultrasonic nebuliser for horses

Brine nebulisation
Brine-nebulisation GPsaltair-V90 with Ultrasonic are new in wellness area

The brine nebulisation GPsaltair-V90 with ultrasound is the latest achievement in the wellness sector and is ousting some other products from their places. Of course, this can also be used in addition to colour therapy.

The interaction of the natural brine mist with an infrared cabin is very well balanced. The gentle sweating in the cabin is perfectly complemented by the ultrasonic nebuliser and increases the wellness effect for the user.

The natural brine is microscopically finely atomised by the nebuliser and the walls of the cabin therefore do not become moist or even wet.

After a certain time, a light mist can spread throughout the cabin and it creates a climate in the cabin similar to that of a sea beach. The salty taste, which is very slightly tasted on your lips, feels purifying in combination with the gentle warmth of the infrared cabin. This natural brine mist falls pleasantly on your skin and of course also makes its way into your respiratory organs through our breathing.
The skin is our largest respiratory organ and of course the natural brine makes its way into our organism through the skin as well. The heat radiators in an infrared cabin do not come into contact with the natural brine mist, because the natural brine mist evaporates before coming into contact with the heaters.

Brine nebuliser
With the Brine nebuliser GPsaltair-V120 there is no salt deposition

With the ORIGINAL patent-protected natural brine nebuliser GPsaltair-V120, there is no salt deposition on the heater. We would like to mention this here, because customers repeatedly ask us about this.

In the rest of the cabin, the deposited natural brine mist can easily be wiped away with a damp cloth immediately after sitting in the infrared cabin and the wood is not damaged by the operation of the nebuliser inhaler.

Even the safety guard, which is mounted in front of the heaters, can easily be wiped with a moist cloth. The GPsaltair is to be used exclusively for nebulising with non-iodised salt.

This product is not suitable for the nebulising of oil-containing flavouring agents. It should be emphasised that the use of flavouring agents can be counterproductive for the respiratory tract, because if you use the wrong scents or inferior quality, then this can do more harm than good to the bronchi. In contrast, salt is a naturally occurring substance that has virtually no known side effects when used.
The infrared cabins still have a relatively young history in the wellness sector, but not quite as short as that of the GPsaltair. However, knowledge about the healing power of natural brine is old.

Ultrasonic nebuliser
Egyptians did not have an ultrasonic nebuliser such as the GPsaltair-V230

The Egyptians did not have an ultrasonic nebuliser such as the GPsaltair-V230, but they did bathe in salt water to improve their skin complexion and there are records from ancient Rome proving that doctors prescribed their patients natural brine drinking cures.

This knowledge about the effect of natural brine has to date not been forgotten, because what worked well for the ancient Egyptians is still useful for us today.

The nebuliser inhalator allows the absorption of the nebulised natural brine without having to wear a mask, which is often perceived as uncomfortable.

The inhalation via the ultrasonic nebuliser can in principle occur almost anywhere. Whether it is in an infrared cabin or a sauna or whether one opts for the room nebulisation, the effect is the same. When buying a new infrared cabin or sauna, you must always pay attention to your personal feeling, what makes you more comfortable and at what temperatures you can relax better.

Our ultrasonic nebuliser finds its place and has its effect in both wellness products. This is suitable for retrofitting in any cabin.
The natural brine nebulisation with ultrasound can be switched on and off by remote control as needed. In this way, you can always choose whether you want to have the nebuliser inhalator with ultrasound on while sitting in a cabin or whether you want to purely enjoy the effective force of the cabin.

With the ultrasonic nebuliser, you have the opportunity to do something for your health and well-being every day.
However, the GPsaltair is also suitable for rooms of any kind. The GPsaltair for rooms can be attached using a wall mount. If a permanent attachment is not desired, we are happy to offer advice and practical help and together we will find a way to position your natural brine nebulisation with ultrasound within your 4 walls.

In some saunas, it is not possible to retrofit a nebulisation for structural reasons and then room nebulisation is offered as an alternative. There is usually a relaxation room next to the sauna, which is often utilised for the installation of a GPsaltair.

Natürlich kann der Vernebler GPsaltair-V310 auch in jedem anderen Raum

Of course, the nebuliser GPsaltair-V310 may also be installed in any other room in the house, such as in the bedroom above the bed on the wall or a wooden panel. The mounting options here are limitless.

The room size is also not stipulated at a certain size, because we offer various types of products with different nebulisation outputs. In this way, we will certainly have the right nebuliser in our product range for your room too.

And the nebuliser inhalation therefore leads us directly to the next application area: skin and related diseases can be treated with the ultrasonic nebuliser.

Natural brine baths have already been successfully used for neurodermatitis or psoriasis. Now, there is another way to relieve pain with the GPsaltair for cabins.
Only non-iodised salt is suitable for use with the ultrasonic nebuliser. The GPsaltair nebuliser does not differ in operation from the natural brine nebuliser from Domo.
The natural brine nebuliser, under the name Therasol, was sold directly by the company Domo or to its dealers. Whether you have a GPsaltair at home or a Therasol from Domo, it is guaranteed that we are referring to one and the same natural brine nebulisation with these two products. Another application area of the GPsaltair with ultrasound is the

ultrasonic nebuliser for horses.

The ultrasonic nebuliser for horses can be mounted in the stall or in the shower, or of course also in the lane between the stalls. If it is possible and there is a closed room available for the nebuliser where you can install the device and lead the horses into, then you of course will have the most benefit during inhalation.

But in open spaces such as the stables, you can make the best use of the GPsaltair by installing it and tying the horse below it. Does your horse always have problems with their respiratory tracts, irritation from the dust in the stables, coughing and you cannot entertain the thought of inhalation with a mask for your horse? Our ultrasonic nebuliser for horses offers a you mask-free alternative for inhalation that is easy to install and easy to operate.

The GPsaltair is also finding its place more and more in salt caves. The salt cave was of course the pioneer of the GPsaltair, because it has been shown in a series of many tests that it can improve the degree of efficiency of treatments even more.