Asthma horse inhalator ultrasound GPsaltair-V230

Asthma Inhalator

Asthma Inhalator

Technical data:GPsaltair-V230
Dimensions:Height 151 mm Ø 149 mm
Voltage:230V / 42,6V
Water capacity:1600 ml
Droplet size1 -10 µm
Application:Large sauna, bio sauna up to 5.3m² as well as in a shower, horse stall, horsebox trailer

Scope of delivery:

Container: Polished stainless steel V4A, Control uni, Power cord 230V, Remote control + battery, Non-iodised salt, Drilling template, Operating instructions

The inhalator offers good support for sufferers of asthma / allergies.

Sauna with Inhalator

Our GPsaltair-V230, as a so-called asthma inhalator with ultrasound for nebulisation, is suitable both for the sauna up to 5.3 m² in size with a normal standard height or up to 2.3 m in height, as well as for the shower.

The shower, however, should be closed or a roof should be present for the natural brine and natural brine mist that the V230-series nebulises and therefore generates via ultrasound can spread in the shower and act quickly and efficiently.

The V230-series can be a so-called inhalator, for example for asthma, which is to say it can be good support for respiratory system problems. If you install the V230-series in the shower stall, then you can easily combine showering with a session under the asthma inhalator to combat asthma or allergy symptoms.

Many of our customers installed the V230-series in an enclosed shower and then also installed a chair inside. Whether the chair is an ergonomic shape that can be heated behind the tiles, or simply a tiled stool on which one can comfortably sit, that's up to the individual as to how they want to enjoy the ultrasonic natural brine inhalator GPs-V230.

GPsaltair-V230 inhalator with ultrasound is also suitable for horses.

Now to the 4-legged animals: horses
The V230-series is also suitable as a horse inhalator. Due to the size and nebulisation strength, horses with respiratory system problems can be treated with the V230-series. The V230-series is ideal as a horse inhalator, because it is silent in operation, the animal does not need to wear a mask that they have to first become accustomed to and the owners can perform the treatment themselves and are thus independent of veterinarians and therapists.

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