horse nebuliser

smoke inhalation horses
smoke inhalation horses

Technical data:GPsaltair-V360P
Dimensions:Height 170 mm Ø 170 mm
h 100mm; w 360 mm; d 337 mm
Voltage:230V / 44,3 V
Water capacity:2000 ml
Droplet size1 -10 µm
Application:In loose box till 14 m² and also in horse trailer.

Scope of delivery:

Container: Polished stainless steel V4A, Control uni, Power cord 230V, Remote control + battery, Non-iodised salt, Drilling template, Operating instructions

Smoke inhalation for horses as horse nebuliser for COPD horses with GPsaltair-V360P.

COPD horses
nebuliser for copd horses

Nowadays, when keeping horses, allergies and problems with the respiratory tract are no longer a rarity. If these remain untreated, they can lead to a Recurrent Airway Obstruction (REO - also referred to as 'heaves') in the animal for which there is usually only one solution.

Our four-legged friends are increasingly suffering from environmental pollution and, in conjunction with the high concentration of ammonia in stables, this may cause allergies in susceptible horses, which then affect the respiratory tract. With the help of the horse nebuliser, the airways are cleaned and they can breathe more easily again. Smoke inhalation for horses is nothing new,

but placing a mask on animals is many times more difficult than it is for humans. Of course, among humans, there are many who cannot endure inhaling with a mask over their mouth, because they get a suffocating feeling and subsequently stop breathing.

It is even more difficult to perform smoke inhalation with horses. When using the horse nebuliser with a mask, ensure that all components have been thoroughly cleaned, because germs and bacteria can accumulate, thus doing the animal more harm than good.

Horses with COPD.

In the photo provided, you can see what it is like for horses to breathe in the natural saline mist, entirely stress-free and without going through a big ordeal. Containers for horses with COPD are filled with GPsaltair V360P approximately every 2 hours and, in this way, several animals can be easily treated for several hours per day.

Smoke inhalation for horses is best carried out in a closed box. If this is not possible, lead it out of the box, cover the open sides with a tarp and turn on the nebuliser. Once the box contains enough mist, remove the tarps and lead your horse back into the box.

Due to the existing mist, any freshly produced mist will only escape at a slower pace. If you have a horse that is not distressed by tarps or similar, you can leave it hanging up while the animal is in the box.

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