Inhalation device ultrasound also for horses

The latest achievement in the field of inhalation devices is this ORIGINAL patent-protected GPsaltair as a natural brine nebulisation, which is equally suited for all disease symptoms, since the natural brine mist is absorbed both via the skin, which is our largest organ, as well as through the respiratory system. It is an inhalation device with a special kind of ultrasound.

Inhalation device ultrasound also for horses

With normal inhalation, it is necessary to wear a mask. Our nebulisation, on the other hand, is operated with an ultrasonic membrane in a container, which can be mounted or placed in an open space, in an infrared cabin, enclosed shower stall or in a sauna.
The container is filled with distilled water or tap water with non-iodised salt and the device is easily operated by remote control. Only non-iodised salt is suitable for applications for inhalation.

Inhalation devices
The latest achievement in the field of inhalation devices

No matter what type of product you buy, we will give you an additional half kilogramme of non-iodised salt. Once you have used up all of this, you can easily purchase more at your local pharmacy.

All of our equipment can be switched on or off as needed by remote control. So if you retrofit your sauna or infrared cabin with our GPsaltair, it does not mean that you have to use it during every session.
The nebuliser is supplied with a separate remote control and can be controlled individually with this.
Thus, it is possible during a session to read a newspaper under the ultrasonic inhalation device or play children with during treatments.

Children in particular often have a feeling of anxiety with a conventional ultrasonic nebuliser due to the mask or they simply do not want to sit still in front of it

With our ultrasonic inhalation device, this problem no longer exists, because the natural brine mist spreads evenly throughout the cabin and can therefore be inhaled. Children can therefore move freely in the room while absorbing the beneficial effect of the salt at the same time.

"There are several ways to inhale natural brine. In comparison to the traditional methods (inhaling water vapour from a bowl, use a mask or inhaling through a mouthpiece), the so-called natural brine room inhalation has the advantage that no additional devices are required: The natural brine solution is released into the room air through a device.

The inhalation thus easily takes place through the room air and natural oral and nasal breathing. In this way, you can do something for your health almost incidentally without extra effort, for example, while working in the office or at home reading the newspaper or watching television - and even in your sleep, says professor Harald Morr, managing director of DLS (German Lung Foundation e.V. in Hanover).

In contrast to conventional air humidifiers, which are often dangerous sources for germs, devices for natural brine room inhalation are technically designed so that they virtually do not allow the spread of bacteria or fungal spores. The salt content achieved in the room air is adjustable and can therefore be tailored to individual needs and your own sense of well-being. Thus, room inhalation is suitable both for new-borns as well as elderly people and all ages in between". Excerpt from press release:

From field reports, we know that children even desire this themselves after some time if they are suffering from a cold. Children are well known to be the most honest critics and so of course we are particularly pleased that our young customers feel so comfortable during the session and feel the benefits of a natural brine inhalation. The natural brine mist gently cleans and nurtures the skin.

If you have a stuffy nose, the mucus is cleared. Salt is responsible for the transport of nutrients in our body and affects our digestive system. Often salt rashly has a bad reputation, but salt is vital for our body and performs many important tasks.
Salt is important for our nervous system. We need salt for communication between nerve cells as well as for the protection of cells from hyperacidity. With our diet, we give our bodies the salt necessary to maintain our salt balance.

Salt has also been in use as a remedy since primitive times due to the strong and natural effect. Salt is used here, mainly as a salt-water solution known as natural brine. Natural brine is used for a variety of medical symptoms.

The form in which natural brine can be used is also as diverse as the application area. Visits to a salt cave for the respiratory system, salt water drinking regimens for bladder and digestive discomforts, salt baths for skin, natural brine creams, salt scrubs ... the list can continue indefinitely.

Natural brine inhalation also helps those stricken with hay fever in particular through the worst time of the year, but of course natural brine inhalation can also be used at home for any other allergies, such as house dust, pets, etc. Salt contains a natural antihistamine and can therefore calm itching and provide relief completely naturally without chemical drugs.

For colds, the mucus can be cleared through natural brine inhalation and thus prevent the urge to cough or alleviate it. Through the inhalation of natural brine, the mucus can be cleared more easily and bacteria can be removed more effectively. Especially with skin diseases, often only baths in the sea or treatments at health resorts will help. Unfortunately, the effect of such therapies usually does not last long. Once the patient is back home, the skin complexion worsens again.
With the natural brine nebuliser, you bring the sea breeze home with you and achieve a possible long-term effect. But not only humans can enjoy the great effectiveness of natural brine nebulisation.

Our system can also be used for horses. Many animals suffer from allergies, bronchitis and / or heaves. Using ultrasonic nebulisers for horses, the upper and lower respiratory tracts can be treated and at the same time liquid medications can also be nebulised in the water.

Our inhalation devices for horses can easily be mounted in the stall above the horse's head. Since it is often not possible to install the devices for horses in a separate room, it is advisable to tie the horse below the container so that the patient can gain the maximum benefit from the falling natural brine mist.

Not every horse has been suitable for inhalation by means of conventional inhalation devices, because they could not handle the fixed muzzle mask. With our different sizes for horses, every animal is spared this fight. Easy installation and handling for people, major benefits for the four-legged patients. The ultrasonic nebulisation should be properly cleaned after each use. See usage instructions. In this way, a long service life of the natural brine nebulisation device is guaranteed and of course bacteria formation is avoided.