Inhalation therapy GPsaltair-V90

Inhalation therapy
Inhalation therapy

Technical data:GPsaltair-V90
Dimensions:Height 140 mm Ø 109 mm
Voltage:230V / 42,6 V
Water capacity:740 ml
Droplet size1 -10 µm
Application:In an infrared cabin up to 1,8m². Inhalation in living rooms

Scope of delivery:

Container: Polished stainless steel V4A, Control uni, Power cord 230V, Remote control + battery, Non-iodised salt, Drilling template, Operating instructions

Perform inhalation therapy with the GPsaltair-V90.

Inhalation therapy

Our drawing card or rather our best-selling natural brine nebuliser is the GPsaltair-V90 that allows you to perform a natural brine therapy. The stainless steel container, which is produced in polished V4A, is a very beautiful and finely processed container design.

This inhalation therapy in the form of our V90 series is suitable for use in small and medium-sized cabins up to 1.8 m² large cabins. We have described the handling and above all easy installation with our model 102 for future reference.

Here we would rather delve into room inhalation, which, with the V-90-series or the Domo as it is called by others, is a very good alternative to all other devices that are to be operated with a mouth mask.

Especially for the GPsaltair-V90, we also included a wall bracket made of polished stainless steel V4A in the product range for you, which allows you to be able to perform the inhalation anywhere and in any room, for example, above the your child's bed. The only thing you need is an outlet where you want to operate the nebulisation or you lay down a power cable there and you mount the wall bracket with two screws to a board or wall or wherever you want to mount it.

The V90-series is therefore also very good as an inhalation device in rooms, because the nebulisation output is not too big and therefore excessive nebulisation into the environment does not take place here. In the picture, you can see how one of our customers has chosen inhalation for their child.

The solution is very simple. Switch on the nebulisation, for example during an afternoon nap, and the child can breathe in the natural brine stress-free while sleeping. Simply sit or even better lie under the nebuliser and you will be fully relaxed. In this way, the natural brine mist optimally reaches your nose, with which you can breathe in the natural brine very deeply.

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